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By providing a safe and effective therapeutic environment, Amanda Nephew Therapy Services is a catalyst of change for men, women, couples and families to engage in personal growth, to create healthy identities and to strengthen their relationships.   


Engaging in personal growth to create a healthy identity is a journey. Keep checking back here for things I find inspiring and helpful. 

Speaking Each Other's Love Language

Amanda Nephew

Communicating effectively in a relationship can boost affection. But, first you have to know what affection means to your partner and how he or she receives it. Relationship expert Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages, breaks down the five ways that people tend to receive love. I’ve found this book to be important in helping understand how to successfully give affection in the way that meets your partner’s needs (since we often fall into the trap of giving how we want to receive ourselves instead of how our partner receives the best). This is also useful with our children! You can usually tell what theirs are by how they love on you. People usually have two love languages that are most important to them and maybe a touch of the other three. Take a look:

1.)   Words of Affirmation (Encouraging words, kind words, noticing strengths)

2.)   Quality Time (Focused attention, doing an activity together, quality convos)

3.)   Receiving Gifts (Thinking of someone, knowing their likes)

4.)   Acts of Service (Doing chores unasked, filling up gas tank, making a surprise dinner)

5.)   Physical Touch (Cuddling, holding hands, stroking an arm in the car)