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By providing a safe and effective therapeutic environment, Amanda Nephew Therapy Services is a catalyst of change for men, women, couples and families to engage in personal growth, to create healthy identities and to strengthen their relationships.   


Engaging in personal growth to create a healthy identity is a journey. Keep checking back here for things I find inspiring and helpful. 

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Scanning our world for the positive

Amanda Nephew

After listening to a brilliant TEDTalk by Shawn Achor and thinking back over my own 2014, I am wondering, "Is my brain first scanning my narrative for the positive or for the negative?" Based on research by Achor we learn that Dopamine (which floods into your system when you are positive) actually makes you happier AND turns on all the learning centers in your brain allowing you to adapt to the world in a different way.  

So, you may ask, "How do I become positive?" Well, focusing on gratitude is a good place to start. Here are two easy ways to use gratitude to boost your positivity as we enter a new year :

1.) Journal about just the great (big or small) things that happened to you during 2014

2.) Write someone an email to tell them you are grateful for the time you spent with them, the house they helped you unpack, the meals you shared together or the way they loved on your kids. 

Let's start this year out right!